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Toray invests in Czech Republic and U.S.A.

2014/2/21 16:46:08

¡¡¡¡Toray Industries, the Japanese manufacturer of high performance fibers, has officially opened a new plant in Prostĕjov, Czech Republic, under the banner of the Toray Textiles Central Europe subsidiary. Among other products, the plant will produce carbon fiber textiles which will be introduced onto the market in 2014. Meanwhile, Toray has acquired about 400 acres of land near Spartanburg, South Carolina. The Japanese group wants to invest more in the U.S., having detected growing competitiveness in America. It also sees the U.S. as the gateway to the emerging markets of Latin America, in particular Mexico and Brazil. In all, Toray plans to invest around 100 billion Japanese yen (€711.3 million) in the United States up to the year 2020.