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Glove Technology

Generally speaking, a winter glove can be seen as a multi-layer construction. Each layer is performing a particular task while at the same time interacting with the other layers and so creating a fully functional glove.



Shell means the outer material of a glove. Due to its direct contact with weather and physical impact this layer has to meet a number of requirements. Water-resistance and breathability to control the microclimate as well as durability and dirt resistance are what the shell is responsible for. It also influences the touch and wearing comfort. Different materials are common: leather, softshell or hardshell. Depending on what material is used, the glove differs in characteristics and features.



A membrane insert is a transmissible layer that is manufactured separately and later on integrated into the glove between shell material and insulation. Beside insert constructions there are also laminations onto the shell material functioning as membrane. Membranes prevent water from coming into the glove and at the same time ensure that moisture can still evaporate out of the glove. In addition the membrane keeps the wind outside. So the hands stay dry and warm.



The insulation of a glove is crucial to its thermal storage. Insulation material encloses air and thereby counterbalances changes in temperature. This generates a long lasting comfortable feeling inside the glove. There can be more than one insulation layer within a glove intensifying this effect. Insulations mostly differ in terms of weight and volume influencing their thermal characteristics.



In direct touch with the hands the lining of a glove is very decisive for a pleasant wearing comfort. Beside spending warmth and softness it regulates the transport of moisture from the surface of the hand to the outside of the glove. It additionally takes care of a hygienic balance inside the glove.



The palm is the most strained part of the glove. Therefore choosing the right palm construction, material and processing is crucial to the comfort, the functionality, the durability and the life time of the glove. There are various palm materials such as leather, artificial leather or synthetics, determining the palmí»s abrasion resistance, wearing comfort and grip.


Race Fit

Only for racing gloves this special fit is extremely preshaped for a better feeling on the poles. The index finger sidewall and the thumb on the palm side are made of one piece to avoid unnecessary seams influencing the flexibility and comfort. The thumb itself is applied as inserted construction. The small finger sidewall ends on the finger base and allows a tighter fit and by this a better feeling on the pole as well as a better fixation of the glove resulting in a better protection.


Comfort Fit

This cut is the one most frequently used for all winter gloves. Neither tight nor wide it is slightly preshaped and offers an adequate comfortable fit for all tastes. There is a Comfort Fit for men and one for ladies adapting the female anatomy.


Sport Fit

More preshaped than the Comfort Fit, gloves with this sportive cut fit closer to support any movements and intensify the feeling on the poles. They are always combined with a tight neoprene cuff. This cut is realized either as a regular or as an outer seam construction and mostly used for our high-end Pro Series styles, very sportive lady styles as well as for full leather gloves within our Nordic line. Also this fit is available for men and slightly modified for ladies. It is often combined with stretchable, flexible shell material.


Tight/Slim Fit

The Tight Fit for men and the Slim Fit for ladies fit like a second skin. Ergonomically preshaped and very sensitive in touch, these gloves almost come without any bulk. Nearly unnoticed, they keep the hands warm without limiting the movement. This cut is mostly used within the Multifunction collection.

The Slim Fit for ladies, totally differing in proportion, makes the fingers appear longer and more ladylike. Looking very slim it nevertheless keeps its high wearing comfort.


Wide Fit

Basically for snowboard styles this is a very loose fitting cut. It goes in line with the baggy style of boarders, absolutely adapting this attitude. Ití»s also found in wide mitten gloves for ladies.


Junior Fit

Like the Comfort Fit for adults ití»s neither tight nor wide with a slight preshape. In terms of proportion the gloves for the youngsters are developed with shorter fingers and a wider entrance to simplify slipping in. Especially made for juniors the fit feels comfortable, not bothering at all.


Baby Comfort Fit

Close to the features of the Junior Fit the one for babies additionally comes with a bigger thumb to make it even easier to get into the glove.